Sunday, November 3, 2019

Skillshare Classes!

I now have 9 classes on Skillshare!

Learn how to paint Animals, Plants and Fungi with Gouache and Acrylic paint!

I researched all the on-line learning sites and Skillshare is my favorite. Lynda and Udemy are also great but Skillshare has them beat in a couple of ways. The first is price. Skillshare is about half the price of Lynda. Udemy classes are paid for individually so you only get one at a time. Whereas in Skillshare you have access to the entire library of over 29,000 classes. Any this library is growing daily. There is about any topic you might be interested in: from Oil Painting and Animation to Computer Programming, creating web sites and setting up a small business. If you do subscribe, you’ll have access to all my classes (and lately I’ve been adding several a month) as well as the entire library of 29,000 classes and growing. 

There are two types of memberships on Skillshare. The first one is a free membership, you don’t pay anything and get access to a whole lot of courses, limited of course, but still, it will get you well on your way. To become a free member you create an account and then you’re ready to browse through all classes and take all the ones categorized as free. You will also be able to view the intros/promos for the premium classes, but if you want to take the complete course you will have to upgrade to a premium membership.

Get two months of Skillshare for free here: