Anza Trail Signs

I've designed and illustrated over 15 signs for placement along the historic Anza Trail working under funding from the National Park Service, the Arizona Department of Transportation, the Santa Fe Ranch Foundation and Pima County. Here are a few.

Padre Font taking a quadrant reading in
Tuquison (Tucson), October, 1775 to determine latitude.

The Death of Maria Feliz
The Anza expedition experienced only one death during the entire expedition when Maria Ignacia Manuela Pinuelas Feliz died from complications from childbirth. The expedition stopped at Mission San Xavier del Bac to bury her, mourn her death, and to celebrate three marriages of the expedition's members.

Cover for the city of Marana's Cultural Heratage Brochure with my illustration of Anza speaking to the members of the expedition at Oit Pars, at the north end of Pima County.

You can see more Anza artwork on my website